Mecalac 14MXT’s upgraded

Allan J Hargreaves are in the process of upgrading Quattro Group’s Mecalac 14MXT’s to RIS-1530-PLT (currently at issue 3) and the pictures below are of the 7th and 8th machines to be upgraded for them. The upgrade includes low ride and high ride rail facilites, directional speed monitoring and trailer breakaway alarms all controlled through the GKD RCI system.

The GKD 3RCI system has been fitted to these machines which include the following features:-

  • Continuous 360 duties for slewing.
  • Infinite Cant and Gradient monitoring.
  • Tandem lift duty standard.
  • Touchscreen user interface
  • Virtual wall and height limits
  • Data-logging

Seamless lifting duties ensure the maximum lifting capacity at all slew angles allowing machines to perform at the level of the class above. Up to 40% extra in the crucial 45 – 135 sector. Cant monitoring provides enhanced lifting duties when on level track. Up to 30% more lift capacity can be gained in a 10mm change in cant.