Attachments & Equipment


With our product knowledge and experience over the past years we can offer a total support and maintenance contract for all Colmar Road / Railers. Colmar’s are recognised for their lift capability and productivity in moving large quantities of material with Clamshell buckets and foremost their reliability. These machines have the best lift capacity in the UK market and have proved to be the foremost choice for piling operations. A new series of water cooled engines has been introduced to these machines varying outputs to supply high flow oil demands.

We hold stock of fast moving parts and have a direct supply link in Italy for OEM parts.

We have now been involved with the majority of Colmar machines from their initial purchase and delivery to Customers right through the upgrade of these machines to the latest standard.

Indexator Rototilt

Rototilt rapidly transforms all kinds of excavator including specialist Road Railer attachments. With its ability to dig, tilt, and rotate in a single movement it converts your excavator from a simple digger into a versatile platform for a wide range of attachments, not just buckets!

Rototilt lets you work from a static position with great flexibility whilst tilting I two directions at the same time. The need for constant machine repositioning is eliminated. This will allow operators to broaden the applications that the excavator can be used for and allowing you to perform new tasks, work more flexibly, rapidly and efficiently in difficult site conditions. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your specific requirements.

Tasty Plant

TPS Ltd is a specialist supplier of hydraulic road rail attachments with 10 years experience. They have a number of products within the rail industry that are recognised as the best in class, including the Richter & Muller SB1 Ballast Brush.


Geith Quick Hitch

The Geith Claw quick hitch has become known as the standard for safety in the industry and among our customers. Over the last several years we have and continue to be at the forefront of operator and product safety in quick hitches.

The result is an innovative automatic quick hitch that engages the four main operator senses during the working and changeover procedures. This minimises risk of injury to the operator or any ground crew in the vicinity of the machine.