Copenhagen Metro to replace overly sensitive safety system

Copenhagen Metro is to replace a highly sensitive safety system in the hope that it can reduce disruption on the network.

Between now and 2015, the existing Obstacle Detection System (ODS) system on the metro’s overground stations will be replaced with platform screen doors.

The ODS uses infrared beams to detect if a person or object has fallen onto the tracks and stops oncoming trains. However, Copenhagen Metro has said the system is so sensitive that it can be activated by a stray newspaper, birds and even snow, leading to disruption across the network.

Platform screen doors have been in use on the network’s nine underground stations since the metro opened in October 2002.

By having screen doors across the whole network, the operator hopes to reduce disruption by 25 per cent and free up capacity to operate more services.

Screen doors will first be installed on the airport route before moving to the Vanloese – Lindevang and DR Byen – Vestamager lines.

The 21-kilometre system was built by a consortium of contractors, with Ansaldo STS delivering the control and communications systems. Ansaldo STS has subsequently won the contract to install its Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) system on the city’s new line, Cityringen

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