Deutsche Bahn announces €4.6bn infrastructure investment in 2014

Deutsche Bahn (DB) is to spend €4.6 billion in 2014 on upgrades to Germany’s national rail network, the company has said.

Announcing the investment plan, DB said that throughout the year modernisation work will be carried out on more than 3,000 kilometers of track and 2,350 points.

Dr Volker Kefer, member of the management board for technology and infrastructure at DB, said: “Just for the maintenance, we will spend about €200 million more than last year.”

Key projects include:

  • The construction of a third track on the Hamburg-Hannover line between Lüneburg and Stelle.
  • Improvement works on the Frankfurt-Fulda line’s Schlüchterner tunnel alongside a refurbishment of Frankfurt Central’s long-distance platforms.
  • Bridge works on the Rosenheim-Salzburg segment of the Munich-Salzburg  line.
  • Main lines replaced on the Karlsruhe-Mannheim line between Graben-Neudorf and Karlsruhe-Hagsfeld.
  • Munich-Ingolstadt line upgraded to allow 200 km/h operating speeds.
  • Integration of the high-speed Erfurt-Halle line with the completed City-Tunnel Leipzig.