Digmaster Pro 3D Machine Guidance Solution for £18000.00

We are currently offering Prolec Digmaster Pro 3D excavator guidance at a great price!!!!!

The price offered is £18,000 and around 50% of the RRP this is limited between 1stMarch 2015 and 30th September 2015.

For those already using 3D guidance the benefits are obvious.  We understand that it’s a big commitment and you’ll have to change your ways of working in some cases (just like you would if you bought a new piece of equipment!).  The benefit of Digmaster Pro is it works in both 3D and 2D modes so you can double the productivity benefits without extra cost.

3D machine guidance can improve your work rate by up to 50% – you’ll win more jobs, you’ll get them done faster and the system will pay for itself within months of installation.

Prolec’s Digmaster Pro is our 3D civil machine guidance solution and offers graphics not available on  more expensive competitor’s systems.  Our system is class leading in the following areas:

  •  Refresh rates and updates on screen are real time with no lag or jumping like some competitors.
  • Our “Pro-Job” interface allows the use of any file format from the surveyor and simplifies import and export of files with one interface and consistent file handling.
  • Compatibility isn’t an issue as we use open standards so almost all GPS can be integrated on the system (don’t worry though we provide you the GPS on this system).
  • Our range of tools and machine types is unrivalled so you’ll always have the right tool showing on your machine (buckets, grabs, hammers but to name a few).
  • Hardware is removable so overnight and downtime security isn’t an issue.
  • The screen is both rugged and large enough to allow the operator to see what they’re doing without trouble.  Some competitors screen’s are up to 50% smaller!
  • The system is configured for touch and works intuitively.  It doesn’t expect you to modify your work pattern to suit the system!
  • Configuration of the system allows the operator to see only that which they want to see and in as much detail as required.
  • The system isn’t subject to problems of communication from wireless sensors like some. We use robust/weatherproof CAN communication protocols with superfast cables connecting them.
  • Our expertise is with the excavator operator and their experience so we tailor our system to suit drivers, not technicians.
  • We offer options for civil, marine and piling operations (may need upgrades) and the file handling is consistent regardless of the type of operation you’re running.

All necessary equipment to run Digmaster Pro 3D including;

  • 10.5” Prolec Rugged Tough Pad Computer
  • Laptop Computer Backpack
  • Class leading 2D & 3D guidance software
  • 2 x AS7 Sensors (inc. relevant mounting shoe and cabling)
  • 1 x Pitch and Roll sensor
  • 1 x Bucket sensor
  • 1 x Digmaster Pro User Manual
  • 1 x Heavy duty tough book mount
  • 2 x Prolec GPS solution (complete with antenna masts)
  • 1 x Serial CAN Interface

Installation is extra and can be negotiated at the time of purchase.Digmaster Pro Advert copy.jpg