Direct Rail Wheel Braking

ALLAN J HARGREAVES PLANT ENGINEERS have been approved by Network Rail to supply and install direct rail wheel braking systems to type 9b ‘high rail’ excavators.

Our Direct Rail Wheel Braking system has now been installed to over 320 machines improving machine safety greatly and thus reducing the risk of runaways.

This has involved extensive prototype trials carried out at ‘High Marnham’ Network Rail’s test facility – representing various track conditions to gain a thorough understanding of the systems operation, performance and operational life.

Our heavyweight machine was a Colmar T10000, which is the heaviest machine currently operating in the UK market, followed by a medium weight machine which was a Case 988 Megarailer and lightweight machine Komatsu PW130. All three variants were approved by Network Rail and returned to service with great success.

Each rail wheel is fitted with a hydraulically operated brake caliper of fail-safe spring applied design and is integrated in a mono block caliper with no external linkages which operates upon a brake disc mounted to the inboard side of the rail wheel, operation interfaced with the machines OEM controls. As shown in the pictures each rail wheel has a brake disc guard fitted to protect the brake disc from damage during service.

The system is compact and very versatile in accommodating the broad spectrum of machines currently in the UK market whilst maintaining machine usability and minimising system maintenance and service intervals during the life of the machine.