Dutch government plans full ERTMS rollout by 2030

European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) will be installed on Holland’s busiest routes by 2028 following a ruling by the Dutch government.

ERMTS Level 2 will be rolled out across the Randstad region and on routes connecting the cities of Arnhem, Almelo and Vlissingen from 2016.

The european standard system will improve interoperability between the Netherlands and the rest of the continent, adding to the Hanzelijn line, Betuweroute freight line, HSL-Zuid and Amsterdam-Utrecht line which are already equipped with ERTMS systems.

The Dutch government is to invest €2.5 billion between now and 2028 installing and maintaining the new traffic management system.

Currently, only 20 per cent of trains in the Netherlands utilise ERTMS.

The decision implements the coalition agreement. These specify that ERTMS in phases from 2016 is entered.