E&M contract awarded for Taiwanese high-speed rail stations

The electrical and mechanical systems for three new stations on Taiwan’s high-speed network are to be installed by Toshiba.

The Japanese company will deliver a JPY 2.8 billion turnkey order for E&M systems at the Miaoli, Changhua and Yunlin stations as part of an expansion of Taiwan’s high-speed rail network (THSR).

Taiwan’s first high-speed railway opened in January 2007 between Taipei and Kaohsiung. Seven years earlier, a consortium of seven Japanese companies, including Toshiba, were picked to build the 345km/h line.

Since the line was completed, THSR has placed additional orders with Toshiba, first in May 2012 for four new 12-car trainsets and then in July 2013 for the E&M systems for an extension of the line between Taipei and Nangang, which is set to be completed by 2016.

The latest contract includes the passenger announcement systems, passenger information systems, maintenance management information systems and the electrification and power systems.

Toshio Masaki, chief executive of Toshiba’s Social Infrastructure Systems Company, said: “Toshiba is committed to fully supporting the project and bringing it in on schedule.

“We strongly hope that THSRC will continue to advance its system, and that we can introduce THSR as a successful example of the Shinkansen system to other countries planning to build high speed rail lines.”

Between now and 2030, Taiwan is expected to spend €13.8 billion on new metro lines and upgrades to the high-speed network and the country’s conventional mainline railway.