France to upgrade to all-IP GSM-R network

Réseau Ferré de France (RFF) and Synerail have awarded Kapsch CarrierCom a contract to upgrade the GSM-R system across almost half of France’s rail network.

Almost 15,000 kilometres of track currently utilising Kapsch GSM-R technology will be upgraded to an all-IP core network.

Kapsch is also required to maintain the system until 2030.

The components will be deployed together with Synerail by December 2015.

Germany, Lithuania, Algeria, Austria, Slovenia, Poland and the UK have all invested in upgrading to an all-IP core network.

Michel Clement, vice president railways of Kapsch CarrierCom, said: “In line with this contract by RFF and Synerail, Kapsch provides an IP core network which is based on the latest technology.

“The long-term partnership with RFF is based on a deep knowledge we have of our customers’ needs and expectations as well as our technological expertise.”