Funds released for reconstruction of Bratislava’s ‘Old Bridge’

Slovakia’s Transport Minister, John Počiatek, has released the funding needed to continue rebuilding a 19th century railway bridge in Bratislava.

Počiatek has confirmed that an EU grant worth €68.9 million will be used to rebuild the Starý most bridge over the river Danube, creating a new tram connection between the river’s east and west banks.

Work began towards the end of 2013 to dismantle the original bridge.

The project, which is expected to last two years, is part of a wider plan to construct a new tram system between the city’s Bosáková and Janíkov dvor districts.

The EU has earmarked more than €3.5 billion as part of an Operational Programme Transport (OPT) designed to improve public transport links in Slovakia.

As well as the reconstruction of Starý most, funding has been pledged to procuring 30 new trams and upgrading tram tracks in Dubravka and Central Station.