HS2 needs to get ready for delivery – Tim Smart

It is ‘paramount’ that HS2 gets itself organised to deliver Britain’s new high-speed rail network, according to the project’s head of engineering and operation.

Delivering a talk about how HS2 can benefit from the experience of HS1, Tim Smart said: “What has to be done in short space of time is it [HS2] needs to get itself in shape for delivery.”

Britain’s first high-speed railway was completed in 2007 at a cost of £5.2 billion.

Smart, who led the delivery of HS1, believes the approach taken with that project will benefit HS2.

Lessons learned from developing a strategy for passenger and freight operation, as well as collaboration and alliancing models used throughout HS1 will be central to the successful delivery of HS2, according to Smart.

Although there are parallels between the two projects, unlike HS1, the new Y-shaped network connecting London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds will utilise new technology like ERTMS and regenerative braking.