London Bridge platforms to reopen

Two platforms that have been out of service for almost a year will be reopened in March as the second phase of London Bridge’s massive redevelopment begins.

Between March 28-30, platforms 14 and 15 will reopen for the first time since May 2013. At the same time, platforms 12 and 13 will close to be rebuilt and repositioned as part of the £6.5 billion Thameslink programme.

When the new London Bridge station opens in 2018 the current arrangement of six through platforms and nine terminating platforms will be reversed.

Dave Ward, Network Rail’s route managing director for London and the South East, said: “Rebuilding London Bridge while keeping the station open for passengers is challenging, but given the vital role this station and routes play to commuters, it is necessary.

“It’s inevitable that it will involve some changes to the way services operate from now until 2018.”