Pöyry to carry out geological survey for Helsinki City Rail Loop

Engineering consultancy Pöyry is to complete geological surveys on the planned route of the €740 million Helsinki City Rail Loop.

The new 7.8-kilometre underground loop railway beneath the city centre will include three new stations – Töölö, City Centre and Hakaniemi – and relieve pressure on Helsinki’s busy commuter network.

The €4.7 million contract will see Pöyry completing bedrock surveys on the proposed route of the new system on the eastern, Hakaniemi side.

Pöyry is already heavily involved in the project, managing the rock construction and geological planning in the Töölö district, designing the Vauhtitie underpass bridge and carrying out risk management services for the track and construction engineering phases.

Jussi Lindberg, the Finnish Transport Agency’s (Liikennevirasto) project manager, said: “Pöyry’s wide experience in the design of railways and underground construction makes them a good partner in this significant project.”

A final decision is yet to be made by the Finnish Parliament but if the project gets the go ahead in 2014, Liikennevirasto has said that excavation work on the tunnels and stations could begin as early as 2015.

Image courtesy of Liikennevirasto CC BY-NC-ND 2.0