PME2D is unique and replaces our standalone 2D guidance product, Digmaster, with an integrated system built on PME’s hardware platform.  You can integrate any PME safety feature with this guidance product.  PME2D will install as a standalone system as well and is fully compatible with any PME product you may want to add later.

When integrated with a compatible PME safety product, PME2D maintains all preset limits (height, slew, cab protection, depth) while operating the guidance system.  You can operate safely and in compliance with codes and site rules with only one hardware solution working together.  No other manufacturer can offer you this combination of safety, productivity and control in one easily installed and easily calibrated product.
PME2D offers all the features you’d expect from a 2D guidance product providing accurate and quick grade control in common civil engineering applications.  Pre-set profiles allow you to dig to depth or grade to a known profile first time without under/over cutting, saving you time, rework and excess material.  Tool addition and measurement has been radically improved from the current product as well as simplifying choosing and editing of slopes, cross sections, trenches and simple grading.  All designed with you, the user, in mind.

The upgrade of any existing PME system is a simple as adding another “app” to your phone and installation is just as simple.  If using with an existing PME system the calibration will be carried over from your current installation saving even more time.