Report supports case for metro line between Malmö and Copenhagen

New rail links, including a new metro line between Malmö and Copenhagen, are needed to transport a burgeoning population in Europe’s Öresund region, a new report has concluded.

A high-speed rail link between Malmö and Copenhagen Airport, as well as new passenger and freight connections between Helsingborg and Elsinore were identified as key projects for the region in a new report, Öresund 2070, produced by Skanska and Sweco.

Lund_high_res [online]

Photo: Sweco/ CC BY 3.0.

With the region’s population predicted to rise by one million people between now and 2070, the report has highlighted a number of transport projects designed to improve links between Sweden’s third largest city and the Danish capital.

Copenhagen and Malmö are currently connected by an 8-kilometre road-rail bridge across the Öresund strait. The bridge accommodates both freight and passenger services, which are operated by both DSB and SJ. The proposed metro would run from Copenhagen through a tunnel beneath the strait to Malmö Central Station.

The plans fit with Copenhagen Airport’s (CPH) own expansion ambitions. In February, CPH revealed its own proposals for a new high-speed rail station.