Romania asked to cut track access charges for diesel trains

The European Commission has appealed to Romania’s rail infrastructure manager to remove certain access charges to help improve conditions for freight operators.

MEPs have said they are concerned that Romania’s main infrastructure manager, Căile Ferate Române (CFR), lacks the incentives to reduce costs and charges.

The European Commission has asked Romania to remove charges on diesel trains that currently support the financing of electrification infrastructure and systems.

The request was issued by the EU in its monthly infringement list which highlights areas where certain member states may not be meeting EU laws and directives.

Removing the charges for diesel trains would help to ensure Romania is complying with the Single European Railway Area Directive which requires infrastructure managers retain a “financial equilibrium”, the European Commission believes.

In a statement, the commission said: “Romania’s rail network is one of the largest in the European Union and charges for freight trains are among the highest in Europe.

“The rail network incurred significant deficits increasing year on year while larger parts of the network were not maintained in good condition. At the same time, the infrastructure manager lacks the incentives to reduce costs and charges.”