Siemens hands over last domestic ICE 3 train to DB

Siemens has delivered the eighth and final new high-speed ICE 3 trainset to operate domestic services for Deutsche Bahn (DB).

The German manufacturer is delivering 17 new Series 407 sets for DB.

Following a series of delays, the ICE 3 was cleared by the German Federal Railway Authority (EBA) in December 2013. Since the original order for 15 trains was placed in 2008, Siemens has agreed to supply two extra vehicles – one to compensate for the delay and another to replace an ICE3MF set which was damaged in an accident in 2010.

Eight more trains will now be used for testing in France and Belgium to gain approval for cross-border operation.

The final ICE 3 train will now begin operating between Cologne, Frankfurt and Stuttgart.

A handover ceremony was held last week featuring RĂ¼diger Grube, chairman and chief executive of Deutsche Bahn AG, Jochen Eickholt, chief executive of Siemens’ Rail Systems Division, and Germany’s Transport Minister, Alexander Dobrindt.

“This has enabled us to substantially reduce vehicle bottlenecks which have been occurring for years due to the tenfold increase in the frequency of axle tests which was introduced in 2009,” said Grube.

“For our customers, this means more reliability and greater punctuality.”