SJ punctuality figures reveal need for investment – Fritzson

Lower than expected performance figures underline the need for investment, according to the president of Swedish operator SJ.

Crister Fritzson said the results highlighted the need to proceed with plans for a multi-million euro overhaul of the operator’s 36 high-speed SJ 2000 trains and the shedding of 400 jobs across the company.

Punctuality figures fell to between 78 and 81 per cent for long-distance services and 89 and 90 per cent for regional services in 2013.

Fritzson said the planned measures were needed to improve the performance of SJ trains but also to  meet increasing levels of competition on the Stockholm-Gothenburg route.

The introduction of new services through subsidiaries Götalandståg and Stockholmståg, resulted in higher revenues in 2013, SEK 9 billion, and profit, SEK 288 million.