Tide Light Rail extension to Chesapeake on the agenda

Chesapeake, Virginia, is looking to try and finance a study into a proposed extension of the Tide Light Rail system to Greenbrier.

The project is one of a several planned extensions of the system which operates in Norfolk within the Hampton Roads metropolitan area.

The city council has approached operator Hampton Roads Transit to help fund the $1.8 million study which is required before any application can be made for federal funding.

Chesapeake isn’t the only city hoping to be connected to the light rail network. Virginia Beach and Norfolk are both pursuing their own expansion plans.

Chesapeake Councilman Rick West said: “Now is the right time. This is not a commitment. You can always decide you don’t want to build it, but if you don’t put your hat in the ring, you don’t have that option.”

That population is expected to multiply in the next 20 years with the construction of a high-density, mixed-use development similar to Virginia Beach’s Town Center, adjacent to Dollar Tree’s corporate headquarters.

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