We can provide a cost effective solution for Road rail excavators and equipment up-grades to meet RIS-1530-PLT issue 6 (Download RIS-1530-PLT issue 6).

We have the facilities to carry out upgrades comprising of the following:

  • Replace RCI system and calibration.
  • Bucket ram check valve installation.
  • Electronic changeover for additional services.
  • Install hydraulic motion control (motion cuts).
  • Installation of dual air brake systems for use with trailers.
  • Working at height protection (boxing ring)
  • Bogie interlocking.
  • Rail lights – auto direction change.
  • Brake testing.
  • Decal and sign-writing.
  • VAB approval certification and engineering acceptance.
  • Direct Rail Wheel Braking Systems

Optional extras available:

  • Rail wheel re-profile service or supply new rail wheels bearings and seals.
  • Dual redundant slew motion control for machine working on line adjacent to live lines.
  • Electrical control systems for fixed height motion cut under live overhead
  • Complete machine cleaning blasting and repainting including all decal and sign-writing.
  • Review maintenance plans to meet current standard.
  • Supply and fit of dual side and rear view camera systems.
  • 360 view camera systems.
  • Supply quick hitches with approved lifting point calibrated to RCI system.
  • Test rig hire for validation of dynamic weight and stability testing.
  • Dual cab (two man) conversions.

Other types of machines for upgrades include dumpers, dozers, rail trailers, ballast brooms and gaitors.