Vectron locomotive approved by Germany and Norway

Rail safety authorities in Germany and Norway have authorised Siemens’ Vectron locomotives to operate on their networks.

The Norwegian Railway Authority (SJT) has approved the AC version of the Vectron which is  designed to operate on alternating voltages of 15 and 25 kV.

Last month, the multi-system version, Vectron MS, received authorisation in Germany. Vectron MS is equipped for operation under line voltages of 15 and 25 kV AC and 1.5 and 3 kV DC.

“The authorisation process also included the approval of additional functions such as an electric brake effort of up to 240k N, multiple unit operation via ZMS multi-traction control and ZDS double traction control, and double  heading with other Vectrons as well as with classes 120, 152, 182 (ES64U2) and 189 (ES64F4),” Siemens said in a statement.

The transfer of the German certification to neighbouring countries such as Austria is now underway.

The first Vectron MS locomotives were ordered by the European Locomotive Leasing GmbH (ELL), which signed a framework agreement with Siemens in March 2014 for up to 50 Vectron locomotives.