Rail Cyclone 2

Our first AJH machine, the Rail Cyclone 2 is a jetting, suction and drainage truck capable of effectively clearing drainage systems on the rail network with its high suction capacity, it can easily clear ballast and handle wet bed situations.

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The Jet Vac Rail machines capabilities are unrivalled, designed from the ground up by our skilled design team with our customers in mind we ensured our Jet Vac was equipped and spec'd to carry out any and all jetting, suction and drainage tasks required. This machine is not a conversion from a truck or other vehicle, it has been specifically developed for the suitability to this type of work, a Rail Roader rather than a Road Railer.  With high capacity storage for both debris and water, the Jet Vac can handle large tasks without the need for additional machinery for more efficient operations. Fitted with a Stage V diesel engine the Vactor truck is economical, producing minimal pollutants and its 50 HP emergency back up engine ensures it is never left stranded. Fitted with many quality of life features for improved operator efficiency and accuracy the Jet Vac suction hose can be controlled remotely.