Komatsu PW160-11

Ideal on job sites with limited space or in urban areas, the Rail Raider Mk2 is a versatile tool, packed with new features.

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Our new Komatsu PW160-11 rail excavator "Rail Raider Mk2" is fitted with a friction drive type 9b rail axle and GKD space guard, the lifting duties are excellent for the weight class and weighs in at 25.5 T. This machine can be built to specific customer requirements with multiple counterweight options to balance lifting duties and tail swing. Hydrovane air compressor system and 2 man cab. The weight can also be increased to 28 T with heavyweight side toolbox option to lower the centre of gravity, improving backwards stability and lifting duties. The machine also has full Network Rail product acceptance. Hydrostatic drive axle options are also available. Joystick steering, an integrated tool control system allows the setting of flows and pressures for the auxiliary services with pre-set modes in the display for different attachments.