Komatsu PW160-11

Ideal on job sites with limited space or in urban areas, the Terrarailer 320 is our heaviest lifting rail excavator suitable for all heavy lifting operations.

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Our new Komatsu PW160-11 rail excavator "Terrarailer 320" is fitted with a friction drive type 9b rail axle and GKD space guard. 

Following on from the success of the Komatsu PW160, the 320 Terrarailer has been refined for carrying out heavy lifting operations. Weighing in at 32T, combined with an underslung dipper configuration, uprated boom cylinders and optimised boom geometry making this specialised machine best in class. 

With interchangable dippers (5.5m & 2.1M), the machine can be easily adapted to the job in hand. Hydrostatic drive axle options are also available. Joystick steering, an integrated tool control system allows the setting of flows and pressures for the auxiliary services with pre-set modes in the display for different attachments.