Onsite Installs

With our field service team are able to supply and install various systems and equipment to your fleet onsite.

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Products / Systems

We supply and install a range of GKD safety system.

  • SensorZone

  • Safety Control Solutions, Height, Slew & Load

  • Insights Platform

We supply and install a range of Xwatch systems. 

  • Height Control

  • Slew Control

  • RCI 

  • Dig Depth

  • Telematics

  • Creep Control

We supply and install a range of Prolec systems. 

  • Safety Systems

  • Guidance Systems

We supply and install a rainge of Rototilt products. 

  • QuickChange

  • Machine Couplers

  • Tiltroators

  • Tools

  • Control Systems

  • SecureLock

We offer a rainge of camera systems

  • 360 degree

  • reverse and side cameras

  • AI camera systems

We offer supply and install of a range of quick hitches for machines suitable for 0.5 - 100 T from a range of different manufacturers

We offer the install of various beacons and lighting for your rail and construction equipment. from seatbelt beacons to operational beacons along with full in-house lighting solutions. 

We offer a fully integrated E-stop systems and remote E-stop systems.