Field Service

Field service jobs play a crucial role in ensuring the seamless installation of safety systems and providing continuous support to industries across the UK. At AJH, our skilled and experienced engineers are at the forefront of these endeavours, dedicated to delivering high quality service and expertise. Our field service team is equipped with the latest tools and knowledge, allowing them to efficiently install and maintain safety systems that adhere to the highest industry standards. Whether it's installing cutting edge RCI units, carrying out repairs on machines, servicing equipment or inspecting and certifying machinery and equipment. Moreover, our support extends to providing track side shift support providing assistance to troubleshoot any issues that may arise. With a commitment to customer service and excellence, our field service team go beyond the ordinary, forging lasting partnerships with our clients. 


At AJH, we supply and install cutting -edge safety systems tailored to your machinery, and its various attachments.  We take pride in out commitment to delivering comprehensive safety solutions that meet industry standards from RCI systems and guidance systems to height and slew controls. We offer a wide range of attachments which can be integrated into the machines operational and safety controls supplied and installed by ourselves. At AJH, we are dedicated to safeguarding your workforce and your equipment, contributing to a productive and secure work environment.


On-site Services

At AJH, our dedicated team of skilled engineers are adept at diagnosing and resolving issues, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal performance. Whether its, mechanical, electrical or hydraulic, our engineers are available to identify and rectify any problems onsite and with minimal disruption to your operations. We take pride in being your trusted partner for on-site repairs, fostering operational excellence and longevity for your essential equipment. 


Track Side Support

Our field service team offer support to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted operations of on track plant and equipment. Whether it's troubleshooting equipment malfunctions, conducting preventative maintenance or offering expert guidance, our field service shift support playing a pivotal role in keeping operations running smoothly, bolstering efficiency and delivering customer satisfaction. 

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Meet the Team

Dean Hargreaves,

Technical Manager


Alex Reed,

Field Service Engineer


Luke Ronson,

Field Service Engineer

Jacob Goodman,

Team Leader Service Engineer


Glenn Higham ,

Team Leader Service Engineer